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    Goa Tourist Attractions

Goa is amongst the most celebrated tourists’ destination in India as well as globally. It is as famous amongst foreigners as it is amongst Indians. The golden sand beaches, ultimate dusks and dawns, long walks along the sea side, local food, churches – all these and many more make this incomparable to any other tourists’ destination in India or rest of the world.Each tourist destination has got its specialty and charm but Goa is Goa. No other tourist destination throughout the globe can replace Goa for its beauty and charm are just unique and only these exist only here, in Goa itself. Below are some of the most cherished tourists’ attractions in Goa.

    Basilica of Bom Jesus

    Basilica Of Bom Jesus, Goa

    Basilica of Born Jesus is an old and celebrated church of Goa and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This church is located in old Goa and is known to hold the remains of St. Francis Xavier. This marble floored Jesuit church in India is amongst the oldest churches of Goa as well as the nation. The church has got baroque architecture and is one of the most beautiful and earliest examples of this architecture in India. It has got simple interiors apart from the paintings of scenes which have been taken from the St. Xavier’s life. The church is of great importance for Christians and is visited by people from all religions visiting Goa.

    Dudh Sagar Falls

    Dudh Sagar Falls, Goa

    Located on Mandovi River at the border of Karnataka and Goa, this four-tiered waterfall (meaning ‘Sea of Milk’) is amongst the most attractive natural locations in India. The surrounding rich and green deciduous forests further increase the beauty of this place and add to is attraction. These falls prove to be the real eye-treat during monsoons when these are full of water and flow endlessly making their path from above the mountain. Dudh Sagar Waterfalls not only attract nature-lovers but offer great pleasure and peace to all visiting this place.

    Shanta Durga Temple

    Shanta Durga Temple, Goa

    Shanta Durga Temple is a large temple located in Goa and is amongst the most visited temples of this region. Nestled in Kavalem village in Goa, it is quite famous among the tourists visiting Goa. This temple is not only celebrated due to its religious significance but is visited by multiple during each year for it has got amazing architecture. The temple’s architecture is a great combination of Indo-Portuguese architecture and is a beautiful illustration for the same. The golden palkhi i.e. palanquin of the temple is quite famous and it is used to carry the deity out of the temple on special occasions.

    Goa State Museum

    Goa State Museum, Goa

    Goa State Museum, which is very well known as State Archeology Museum, Panaji, is an old museum in Goa and was established in 1977. The museum right now displays more than 8000 artifacts consisting of wooden objects, paintings, stone sculptures, bronzes, carvings, rare coins, anthropological objects and manuscripts. This museum is a renowned tourists’ place in Goa for it displays a wide variety of amazing artifacts through its galleries. There are multiple art-pieces in the field of art and science. The paintings contained by this museum are quite attractive and difficult to find anywhere else. This museum proves to be ultimate fun for all kinds of visitors.

    Fort Aguada

    Fort Aguada, Goa

    Fort Aguada is a renowned attraction in Goa and is famous for it’s a well preserved architecture since seventeenth century. It’s an amazing Portuguese Fort standing on Sinquerim Beach of Goa overlooking the Arabian Sea. Aguada literally means water and the fort got its name from the fact that the fresh water spring within this fort was used to serve the passing by ships. The lighthouse erected on the fort is something that makes this fort more special and elegant. This fort used to be the most priced and crucial fort during Portuguese reign. This fort imparts a great sense of accomplishment to all its visitors.

    Chapora Beach

    Chapora Beach, Goa

    Goa is undoubtedly famous for its beaches and the related experiences. One of the most heavily visited beaches of Goa includes Chapora Beach. This beach is a coastal village lying at one of the estuaries of Chapora River. It is near to an old Portuguese Fort known by the name of Chapora Fort. As with all other beaches, this one is perfect to enjoy the dusks and dawns, for long walks along sea-side, to feel the high-paced winds and much more. This beach is a perfect combination of natural beauty and modern ways of enjoyment.

    Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

    Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa

    Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a renowned bird sanctuary in India and is located at the western tip of Chorao Island. Named after the famous ornithologist – Salim Ali, this bird sanctuary is blessed with ultimate natural beauty and is a perfect place for all those who love to witness nature’s beauty. This bird sanctuary is full of multiple varieties of beautiful birds including western reef heron, black bitten, jack snipe and striated heron. The sanctuary is spread across 178 ha and most of it is covered by low mangrove forests. This bird sanctuary is a must to visit place for all those who come to visit Goa.

Goa is full of tourists’ attraction and picking a good hotel in Goa ensures a lifetime experience for all those visiting this exciting city. We at Grand Goa Exotica can add on to your experience here by providing you with amazingly comfortable and serene accommodation at our hotel and that too within your budget. Book your accommodation with Grand Goa Exotica either online or through a phone call for we are waiting to serve you.

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